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Miss Bianca in the Salt Mines is a Disney Animated Movie unknown about release dates. It's the story of Miss Bianca, who befriends a young boy whose father is killed by the evil gangster T-Flint, the boy's kidnapper. Not only do they have to rescue her partner, Bernard, but they must stop the gangster from getting five valuable jewels hidden within the Salt Mines.

Cast Edit

  • Russi Taylor as Miss Bianca
  • Max Charles as Sean Williams
  • Cam Clarke as Bernard
  • Aaron Eckhart as Thomas Flint/T-Flint
  • Kevin James as Charles the Albatross
  • Brad Garrett as Dean McGreen
  • Holly Hunter as Verna the Squirrel
  • Jon Favreau as Sterling the Squirrel
  • Tom Kane as The Chairmouse
  • Samuel L. Jackson as Capt. Anderson
  • Dennis Haysbert as Titan the Dog
  • Tom Kenny as Buzz the Dragonfly
  • R. Lee Ermey as Sarge the Turtle
  • David Keith as Joseph Williams
  • Bill Engvall as Hopper the Rabbit
  • Anthony Anderson as Lt. Willie Newman
  • Seth Green as Mort the Mole
  • Joe Pantoliano as Otto the Owl
  • Frank Welker as Junius and Bruno the Iguana Bros.