The Green Mile

Movie Poster for "The Green Mile".

The Green Mile is a Disney Animated film. It is based on the novel by Stephen King. It is the story of guards working on Death Row who discover that one of their prisoners has special powers.

Cast Edit

  • Val Kilmer as Paul Edgecomb
  • Joanne Whalley as Jan Edgecomb
  • Ben Affleck as Brutus "Brutal" Howell
  • Brad Garrett as John Coffey
  • Dennis Quaid as Warden Hal Moores
  • Donna Murphy as Melinda Moores
  • David Ogden Stiers as Arlen Bitterbuck
  • Wes Bentley as William "Wild Bill" Wharton
  • Aaron Johnson as Percy Wetmore
  • Channing Tatum as Dean Stanton
  • Bryan Cranston as Eduard "Del" Delacroix
  • Edward Norton as Klaus Detterick
  • Tim Blake Nelson as Harry Terwilliger
  • Jim Cummings as Toot-Toot
  • Paul Giamatti as Jack Van Hay
  • Josh Brolin as Burt Hammersmith
  • Kurt Russell as Old Paul Edgecomb
  • Doris Roberts as Elaine Connelly
  • Frank Welker as Mr. Jingles