The Rescuers Down Under


The Rescuers Down Under is a Disney Animated Film. It is the first animated sequel in the Disney canon. It's the story about a young boy who shares a friendship with a rare golden eagle. Bernard and Miss Bianca go to Australia to save them from an evil poacher.

Cast Edit

  • Bob Newhart as Bernard
  • Eva Gabor as Miss Bianca
  • George C. Scott as Percival C. McLeach
  • John Candy as Wilbur
  • Tristan Rogers as Jake
  • Adam Ryen as Cody
  • Frank Welker as Joanna/Marahute
  • Wayne Robson as Frank
  • Bernard Fox as The Chairmouse/Dr. Mouse
  • Peter Firth as Red
  • Douglas Seale as Krebbs
  • Carla Meyer as Faloo
  • Russi Taylor as Nurse Mouse